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You probably don’t know but, your iPhone Headphone serves more purposes than you can think of!

4 Aug , 2016  

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Having an Iphone Headphone is like having an IPHONE HEADPHONE! Not just it makes you a stylish tech-savvy human, but also eases your life to a great extent. It comes with just so many amazingly handy features. Here, we list a few features you may wanna know!

Answer Multiple calls


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Do not get panicky on getting another call while talking to someone. Just put the previous call on hold and answer the new call by pressing the center button twice. 

Skipping songs


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You don’t have to listen to that particular song if you don’t want to, anymore. Just press the center button twice and Voila! Get to the beats of your liking by skipping boring ones. 

Song And Video Play


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Use the center button to start and stop the audio player whenever you want.



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Siri is just a button press away! No, seriously! Long press the center button and get talking to Siri.

Click Away the Camera


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If you are unable to get a beautiful selfie, just click on the volume button to get a perfect picture of yourself.

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