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You know only a fraction! Take this Japanese “Cube” Test to know EVERYTHING about your personality!

4 Aug , 2016  

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You may think you already know everything there is to know about your personality. But here’s what you may be unaware of.

Kokology, a famous work in Japanese Literature and a bestselling book that provides myriad games on psychology, designed to help the readers uncover the secreted behaviors of their personalities that deal with their work life, family life, sex life and love life. One of the most popular psychological games is the ‘Cube’ test which involves answering a number of questions that aim to reveal various sides of you that exhibit where you are in life at this moment in time.

The questions make you envision what you really wish to see. They also make you feel that you are in complete control of painting the picture of yourself inside your head. The quiz doesn’t fail to surprise individuals as to how accurate the results are once they’ve answered all of the questions.

The quiz might seem very trivial initially, but it becomes very interesting as it studies each answer in depth to uncover what it really says about your personality. Many a things in life go by unaddressed as we do not give them a thought, or even if we do, we shy away from actually encountering them. This Quiz probes you to think and view all the perspectives that surround your being.

There are just too many of personality quizzes in the enormous abyss of the Internet but this one specially replicates with most of us as it exposes pieces of our personality that we did not acknowledge all this time. It is not like any other quiz that tells you what you already know but it helps you discover how your personal psychology works.

There are so many channels to express our emotions; however, many fail due to the lack of those specific channels for self-consolation. Even if you aren’t satisfied with the result, the answers give you a peek into your psychology as to what you truly wish to see inside your head.

Take this quiz once to discover traits that existed in you that even you did not see. Also share the test with your close ones to help them connect with their truer self, for they may be completely in denial with what floated to the surface from their subconscious.

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