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Terrorists can still assemble lethal weapons using store items inside airport!

1 Aug , 2016  

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U.S. airport security increased their checking and level of security measures after 9/11 when U.S. homeland security established the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to increase screening for possible weapons. 

It is a general notion that Airport security is just a formality meant to harass commuters, travellers and a hindrance. But, No! All that security and checking is for a reason. X-rays and metal detectors are used to scan and screen the passengers and airlines from hijacking and terrorist activities.

One man however, has proved that in spite of TSA, there are chances and possibilities that an ingenious mind can get away when he assembled a lethal weapon with commonly available innocuous looking items. He purchased a few items from the airport terminal’s convenience store and assembled to make something that looked like this.

He built an operational gun!



Evan Booth, is a DIY hobbyist and a North Carolina web developer and independent security researcher. He bought some common looking harmless items from the airport gift store and put them together to make a makeshift gun. The items included a generic hair dryer, batteries, magnets, and some hairbands. Booth built a blunderbuss from such commonly used everyday objects.

Evan Booth’s “Blunderbussiness Class”.



This project was presented on his DIY website, Terminal Cornucopia soon after the TSA introduced body scanners in airports. As such there was lot of apprehension and growing cases of inappropriate pat downs, property thefts and privacy invasive screening techniques. The TSA’s reputation was in doldrums and further eroded by Booth’s improvised weapon.

Travellers purchase lithium batteries for their cameras. Also, Axe body spray, a can of Red Bull, and a condom filled with water are all very commonly available items and items of everyday use. But these items are enough to build up something devastating as demonstrated by Booth. Assembling all these items, he created a gun.

Evidently, lithium and water creates enough heat to blow up a can of Axe.



Using some coins as projectiles, he strongly shot a significant hole into a dry wall with his DIY gun.

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