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Apprently this 14-year-old girl appears to be normal but a look behind her chair will leave you speechless!

1 Aug , 2016  

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Gabby Shull, a school girl who lost her leg because of cancer. But, she never gave up on her dream to become a great dancer, she never let this accident become an obstacle in her dreams. She overcame all the problems and became a competitive dancer. This young brave girl’s courage will encourage others to live their dreams and to never give up on them. 

Read on to know more about her story. 

Gabby Shull was only 9 years old, when she suffered from a bone cancer. 



She feared that she’d never be able to dance again. 



But, then rotationplasty surgery which helped her to get back to her toes. She is very much thankful to this surgery. 



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