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The diversity of the traditional wedding outfits around the world will amaze you!

3 Aug , 2016  

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Wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life. It is probably the most celebrated event in a couple’s life as it is the first step towards building a family. Everyone dreams about looking the best an nothing but perfect on their Big Day. More so than anything else Weddings portray the cultural background of the couples. It is seen that generally, western brides wear a gorgeous white dress on their wedding day. Take a look into the vast cultural differences seen in weddings and variations of wedding dresses of couples from across the globe. Some brides adorn themselves in colorful garments, some paint their hands and faces in accordance with local traditions while some completely hide their face behind layers of jewelry or veils.

“Beauty has its own language”, and these traditional wedding pictures justify this statement too well.

An Indian couple in their flamboyant wedding costumes



A beautiful Nigerian Bride on her Wedding Day


A lovely Hutsuls couple In Ukrainian Carpathians


Natalia Kabliuk

Traditionally colourful newly-weds from  Ghana



Pretty in White! A Kazakhistani Bride


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