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These people are able to roll their tongue. The scientific explanation is mind blowing!

2 Aug , 2016  

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Can you twist your tongue? If yes, then how many tricks can you use to twist your tongue? Twisting tongue in many ways is a cool thing to do to get popular easily. Apparently, everybody is not good in controlling their tongue and only a few are experts at it. Question is, is this ability a genetic one? 

Read on to know!

Our tongue is the most flexible muscle in our body. 



According to some, this ability of twisting ones tongue is genetic



Doctors stated their studies about this rarity and, they believed that if parents could do it, so could the kids. Surprisingly, the studies were all wrong because genes actually don’t play any role in the ability of tongue twisting.

John McDonald, Biologist, explains what actually goes on when you try to twist your tongue



John McDonald claims that scientist Philip Matlock conducted a research back in 1952, and he studied 33 identical twins and the results showed that this ability of tongue twisting was not shared by all of them. 

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