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Some actions just touch your soul, without even trying! Take a look at these Kids Who’ll Reinforce Your Believe In Humanity!

4 Aug , 2016  

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The World has gotten wayy too serious with the ISIS, Syria attacks, Dallas, Brexit, and Trump happening. But only in the moments of dark, we tend to find the light. So, here’s your dose of goodness, kindness and compassion shown by these lovely kids in their minor yet major attempts to spread happiness around the World. 

Take a look at their deeds to spread joy and feel inspired.

Noah, a 8-Year-Old kid completes Mini-Triathlon with his disabled brother Lucas.


Lucas House

In Bangladesh, this heroic boy risks his life to save a drowning baby deer from floodwaters. 



My Son saved $120 to help the homeless. He made them lunches.


This 9-Year-Old Boy created a No-Kill Animal Shelter in his garage.



This 8-Year-Old Boy was bullied for 2 years while growing his hair long to make wigs for cancer kids.


Deeanna Thomas

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