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These rare and amazing historical pictures will take you to the past in minutes!

1 Aug , 2016  

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Mostly, people found history a boring subject because of its dry facts but, when it comes to the pictures, they history becomes a completely different subject. Pictures helps you to understand the historical moments more intimately. Be it a historical landmark, a famous person or random picture from the past – they all have mesmerizing stories behind them, and we’re just about to show you some of samples from the history.

Take a look of rare historical pictures.

Think, how historical black and white photos would look if they were restored in color?

1957, the first black girl who attended an all white school was teased and taunted by other white male peers at Charlotte’s Harry High School, US.


Don Sturkey

Austrian boy: The joy of getting new shoes, WWII


 Gerald Waller

Nikola Tesla in his laboratory first tested his “Magnifying Transmitter”



Touching picture of the graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, Holland, 1888



Look at the joy of the Jewish Prisoners on being released from Death Train, 1945



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