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Celebrities on your finger tips ! Watch these unbelievable finger tip art!

1 Aug , 2016  

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Dito Van Tease started a Ditology project in 2009 using a Facebook account. He wanted the anonymity that this pseudo name gave to be free from his relatives and colleagues and a virtual space where he could be himself. Dito is Italian word for finger. Also, there is a famous metaphor in Italy, “Nasacondermi dietro un dito” which means “hide myself behind my finger”. In his own words, Dito Von Tease was inspired by Dita Von Teese, an expert in disguises and an icon of bourlesque style. 

In this digital age, we use our fingers to keep in touch with the world through mouse buttons, keyboards, and touch-screens. While surfing the internet, looking out for information, we are constantly hiding behind a finger. Also, we feel free and uninhibited to express our ideas, opinions, feelings and emotions. It is not only the networking sites, but the fact that we all wear a mask in our real life as well. We tend to hide behind an image and project only what we want others to perceive us as. The mask protects us from exposing our sensitive and true face to the world. This is especially true for celebrities who always tend to live in a make believe world. 

Just like people hide their true selves behind a mask, Dito, disguises his fingers as famous characters and picks up candidates from the news, historical events, politics, arts and so on. 

The uniqueness of his work has been reviewed by radios, TVs, internet. Also it has been published in worldwide newspapers, books and magazines. Advertising campaigns have been woven around it and collaborations with celebrities has also added to this arts lustre. It has entered in art gallery catalogues in London and Paris. 

Here are some famous faces created on fingers. You might not have ever imagined something like this before. So, come into the new world of celebrities on your finger tips. Enjoy!



Mona Lisa




Michael Jackson


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