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QUIZ: What you see in the first go will determine who YOU really are!

3 Aug , 2016  

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You all must have seen those images where it looks something else at the first sight and when you are told of another angle hidden in it, you seem to notice the other hidden thing too. These types of pictures instantly change the way we see things.

For example the picture given below will give you an impression the moment you see it. People see a woman in the picture with her hair tied in a bun but when they are told that the picture also hides an old man then you suddenly realise …..Oh yes! There is an old man in this picture! This is how your perception changes.

These tests are almost 100 years old and people used to undertake or conduct them to find how creative or not-so-creative someone is. The following quiz is just like that. The picture quiz is based on the premise that once you see a picture you perceive it in a way but when you are told about the other thing or person the picture hides- how quickly you can perceive the picture in the second way is what decides your creativity.

It was believed that people who could change their imagination and perception instantly upon knowing what the picture held (apart from what they saw) were the most creative ones. If someone took longer to identify the second perception in the picture, then the person was deemed as not-so-creative and not so imaginative. So if you want to see how imaginative and creative you actually are (no we don’t take your word on your creativity score of course!!), you just have to take this quiz below.

Play, enjoy and find something new about you. Do not forget toe forward this to your friends and families. They too will love it and you will come to know of the creativity levels of everyone around you. Then you can compare and gloat if you score high!

Author: Technology and Beyond

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